Hi. I’m Raymond.

A multilingual business professional and PRINCE2® certified project manager.

My Mission?

To help multinationals DELIVER CHANGE FASTER & MORE EFFECTIVE by deploying the PRINCE2® method.

  • Projects become more efficient
  • Risks are greatly reduced
  • Senior management can delegate without worry

My Passion?

Sustainable Projects

For our future and for the next generations sake it’s crucial to live a sustainable life. Continuing this line in my work, I prefer to invest my time in projects that are PART OF THE SOLUTION.

One example is the execution of the project management for the PIEK-Keur foundation. Here we developed silent logistical equipment (hand & electro pallet trucks), silent coachwork (floors, tailgates), Quiet trucks (Volvo, Scania) etc. This made loading & unloading possible in cities at nighttime whilst remaining within the noise emission standards: 60dB(A). Good for the civilians who now have proper night rest and good for the retail, trade and craft businesses, who need to cope with the increasing demand due to the growing 24-hour economy. https://www.piek-international.com/

At my full potential…

Engaging my structured and outgoing nature, I thrive when I am involved in large scale projects. Such an environment allows me to do what I do best: plan, organize, follow-up and interact with all stakeholders involved.

A relevant case is the assignment as the project manager of Scala Logistica. A 1,5+ years project, which involved an intensive collaboration of 50 logistics market parties who presented 5 innovative concepts through 5 different live shows. They thereby informed the visitors of trade fair Logistica about the ‘State of the Art in Logistics’. For the achievements and detailed info about my involvement, visit the project section on: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raymondhoogenboom/

My Experience:

I draw from 20 years experience acquired as an independent entrepreneur as well as an employee. Specializing in Project Management, Business Analysis & Business Optimization, I have been active in a variety of branches of which the Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical & Logistic branches took a prominent role. By clicking on the logo’s you will find the output of some of the projects that I managed. For a full description (context, methodology, contribution & recommendation) of these and other projects, kindly visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raymondhoogenboom/

3 projects for GSK Global Vaccines: 1. Revision of the audience distribution lists: Ensured that Internal Communications sends the right message to the right target group. 2. Impact Measurement: Delivered insights & data on the effectiveness of the internal communications. 3. Audience Mapping: Defined the different audiences within Global Vaccines per grade, per country, per site/location and per function (R&D, Quality, Production etc.).
For Cliniques de l'Europe the outcome of this sensitive & complex project is 3-fold: 1.A report with constructive advice on how to optimize the maternity removal policy where the interests of all stakeholders involved were met. 2.A final presentation where all key persons involved were informed on the opinion, experience & key metrics of the subject matter. 3.An info-graphic with a summary of the results in French & Dutch.
Executed among their clients, this project for Total Belgium has mapped out: 1. The different segments & the different ways Total's clients order heating oil (% online versus % offline: like ordering through local suppliers), 2. The volumes per segment, 3. The differences in the segments and in the ordering behavior between the French and Dutch speaking clients
This project, which took shape in the form of a bilingual online study, and which was executed among the employees of Ethias as well as their clients, provided: 1. Insights & recommendations based on which Ethias optimized & reprinted all their product brochures. 2. A comparative analysis, outlining the similarities and differences between: a. the Dutch & French respondents, b. the employees of Ethias versus their clients.
A full revision & optimization of the KMO-Connectdays Formula, a renowned & annual network event in the Antwerp region: the 4 recommended adjustments: 1. An all-in Formula on 1 day (instead of 2 days). 2. An accessible and attractive location. 3. An increased focus on networking. 4. An enhanced level of inspiration, gained through carefully selected and fascinating key notes.
2 projects as part of an internship program, financed and coached by Shell and overall coordinated by Syntens Innovation Centre. 1. A feasibility study on Benelux-level for Global Cooling's solar powered portable cool-box which was thereupon taken in mass-production. 2. My thesis: a business-plan for a healthcare clinic where patients with arterial calcification (arteriosclerosis) could be treated with a new non-invasive technology.
Project Manager Scala Logistica (1,5+ years): An intensive collaboration of 50 logistics market parties who, by presenting 5 innovative concepts through 5 different live shows, thereby informed the visitors of trade fair Logistica about the 'State of the Art in Logistics. For more info, see the project section on: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raymondhoogenboom/
In cooperation with Ernst & Young, on behalf of industry association BMWT, I was responsible for the realization of an in-depth study of the Dutch Intra Logistic Market. We mapped the market, it’s potential, the trends & presented it to the 60 participants. All members of the BMWT.
Project Manager PIEK-Keur foundation: loading & unloading within the noise emission standards. On initiative of Senter Novem & on behalf of industry association BMWT, we developed a variety of products, such as hand & electro pallet trucks whom all met the noise emission criteria: https://www.piek-international.com/ Senter Novem is an agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, which implements sustainability and innovation-based programs on behalf of the government.
Raymond is a team player who integrates easily into existing teams. He is very structured in his thinking and can break a complex task into digestible parts and tests and verifies all of the information he works with. Last but not least, he develops positive working relationships with colleagues both in his immediate team and beyond. Allison was my direct report during this project.
Allison Lightwine, Head of Enterprise Communications GSK Vaccines @ GSK.

Benefits of hiring me,

your PRINCE2® certified project manager!


Through the application of principles like management by exception, with less time spent in unnecessary meetings and more time focusing on delivering to the customers expectations.


By building structured management- and communication lines. Risks arising from management of third-party suppliers are greatly reduced.


Through efficient yet firm controls which are placed on the project, enabling senior management to delegate without worry.

My current status:

At present I am looking for a fixed role in a consulting company or multinational in the Brussels area or in the wider BeNeLux.
A role where I can apply my experience & develop myself further in the domains of (agile) Project- and Change Management.

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